This course is unfortunately closed permanently. All the content will be integrated with the Home Bakery PRO course.

I hope to open Home Bakery PRO in Feb 2022! Before it opens I’ll host a Masterclass. Click the button to pre-register for the next free Home Bakery Masterclass.


WHY IS Side Hustle Baker CLOSED? This wasn’t a quick or easy decision. Students were getting amazing results with this course!

But I’ve realized I need to simplify things – for my students and for myself.

I thought that by splitting up Home Bakery Business coaching into separate courses (one course for branding, another for getting started, another for growing home baking into a full-time thing) I was making life easier… But it’s led to a lot of overwhelm and sometimes confusion for my students.

Removing SHB and integrating it with Home Bakery PRO (formerly Home Bakery Startup), you’ll get a holistic, concise course that’s more powerful.

I’m currently editing, deleting, and basically condensing all 7 of my courses into 1 incredible program! It’s going to take a while ūüėā please pray for me – it’s an overwhelming amount of work, but I also know this is GOOD and NECESSARY.

Thanks so much! xxx Aurelia